Business context

These days it seems there is an app for just about anything. App stores are littered with multiple solutions for almost all business needs. However, Integration of these apps into the wider IT architecture presents real difficulties and all to often these “off the shelf” solutions are to generic lacking key requirements needed to manage your specific business process or automation flows.

A separate and bespoke integration solution is often required, and, in some cases, it is better to create a custom application designed specifically to meet your specific business requirements. This is ok for larger enterprises with inhouse SW development teams but how can SME’s keep up with these demands.

Our Solution

Expertware can develop integration solutions and custom apps that will fully integrate into your IT architecture and work across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments.

Expertware have development teams and resources that are up to speed with the latest development solutions and application development languages.

As an IT managed service provider, we also have a deep understanding of the wider IT landscape and the systems into which new applications and solutions must fit. This means that we can design solutions that from the outset add value to the business rather than creating additional siloed data pools.

Speak to us about your specific business processes and application requirements. Our engagement begins with gaining a full understanding of not just the application requirements but also the architecture and processes into which the solution must fit, and the key business objectives to be achieved.

Once a solution is deployed, we can offer a full package of support options to ensure that the identified business benefits and value are maintained throughout the application life cycle.

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Our Experience

With over 15 years of experience in the field of IT architecture and managed services, we are confident that we can offer to our customers a team with very strong technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the IT architecture models and solutions in place. Our people will become a trusted part of your team.

For each customer, there is a solution architect supervising the activities of the operation team guaranteeing a continuous review and optimization for monitoring and alerts, automated response flows ensure rapid responses but always under the guidance and oversight of our expert technicians.

We aim to provide state-of-the-art SIEM services to our customers so that they can continue their business safe in the knowledge that strong protection is in place.

Integrated Solutions

  • Integrated 24*7 operation centre.
  • Analysis of IT architecture design to select the best SIEM solution and processes to meet your business objectives and needs.
  • End to end the collection of monitoring data, events, and alerts.
  • Human and AI analysis of event data.
  • Real-time global threat searches and patch automation.
  • Operational management for KPIs and executive dashboards.

Our Added Value

  • One-stop-shop for configuration, monitoring, analysis, and event management.
  • Strong competences, certified engineers (SQL Silver Data Platform, T-SQL/SSRS/OLAP, Business Objects, SAP BW, Elastic).
  • Can-do attitude, accepting and completing difficult challenges.
  • Cost efficiency combining near shore with onsite resources and eliminating overlapping roles through our integrated operations centre initiative.

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