Big Data and Analytics

Having extensive expertise in Relation database design, Data Ware House star schemas and Big Data / Data Lakes, Expertware is your trusted partner to define, develop and maintain your data platforms ensuring efficiency, performance, productivity gains, executive insights and strategical forecasts.


  • efficiently design data structures, data lakes, virtual data warehouses
  • develop event based real-time data ingestion and enrichment flows.
  • process, normalize, enrich, aggregate and produce real time insights,
  • aggregate, extract Advanced Analytics, produce time series KPIs, dashboards and reports,
  • define, train and operate ML models (classification, prediction, anomaly detection )
  • design & build “Virtual data warehouses” which acts as a virtualization layer between the data structures


T-SQL, Azure Data factory, Azure Synapse, Apache Spark, Microsoft Master Data Services, Virtual data warehouse, Python, KQL, Datamarts, Development ETL\ELT, Databricks, Power BI, Kibana, Grafana, SAP Business Objects, OLAP, Hana.

Besides the analytical and technical capabilities we bring 16+ years of domain knowledge in the areas of Financial companies, Managed Service Providers, Sales & Marketing, Insurance companies and much more.

Data platform development

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