Business context

We are now firmly in the information age and as businesses seek to utilise information gleaned from data to create their individual USP's the amount of data gathered and stored is increasing exponentially. With all of this data comes responsibility with ever increasing legislation to ensure that organisations protect the data they process and transport. Data loss and data breaches continue to top the lists of the most discussed topics in the security industry and increasingly occupy the attention of business leaders.

A solution is needed that protects data classified as personal sensitive data, personal identifiable data and commercially sensitive data, whilst allowing legitimate processing to be carried out as part of standard business processes. Algorithms and statistical analysis can often be carried out without the need to disclose any specifically classified data however separating and tracking where data is classified within large data sets represents a huge problem.

Our data masking solution can protect many forms of sensitive data, including (but not limited to):
  • Personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Protected health information (PHI)
  • Payment card information (subject to PCI-DSS regulation)
  • Intellectual property (subject to ITAR and EAR regulations)

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Our solution

Expertware together with Infognito brings to the fore a new solution through which we ensure and strengthen your data privacy. We mask sensitive data and replace it with structurally identical but numerically different data.

This solution is based on Infognito’s product which allows defining and applying Scramble Templates during the database refresh process. During each database refresh cycle, we run a new discovery so any new occurrence of sensitive data (even in other tables/fields) is detected and updated based on the scrambling template associated with the database refresh channel.

Fully integrated & automated solution:
  • Xpert.I.AM - workflow builder & automation. Defines source - target systems, approval process and serves as the automation glue coordinating the delivery. 
  • Request approval form in Xpert.I.AM triggers the automation process, cloning the source database to the compliance secure zone [no user access].
  • In the compliance secure zone a new compliance discovery process is run and the scrambling template is applied to the clone database. 
  • The scrambled database is detached from the compliance zone and then attached to the target environment (prior version of database in the target system is detached). 
  • The target system could be your development, backup, or test environment helping to reduce the attack surface for your data.


Sensitive Data Masking

Prevent sensitive and private data from reaching non-production environment, while replacing the real data with high value non sensitive one. Infognito provide more then 20 pre-defined sensitive masking methods, easy and robust "no-code" approach to add new masking method.

Enterprise-Class Performance

Mask large volumes quickly with out copying the data outside of the masked database. Infognito data masking innovative approach to data masking making sure that data never leaves masked database during masking, masking is done in place using native database commands generating minimal logging allowing you to mask very large database in a timely manner.

Sensitive Data Classification

Scan for sensitive and PII data inside your organization databases, classify it and automatically assign default masking methods. Infognito provides reach out of the box sensitive data classification dictionary, new classification rules can be easily added.

Masking Preview

See how data will be masked before masking it. Infognito masking preview report help you to engage with your end users before masking the database resulting increased masking project success ratio.

Data Sub-Setting

Copy only part of your production data to non-production in a secure way. Infognito data masking subsetting feature help you copy a subsets your records and mask them in the same time preventing sensitive data leaking to unsecured environments.

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