Business context

Managed Service Providers often have to be all things to all people. As IT services grow broader and more complex keeping skills up to date and resources in place to meet customer demands can become a difficult challenge.

Occasionally an MSP will need to add a new competence to its portfolio in order to win an RFP which primarily consists of core services but with elements outside of the MSP’s standard service offering. Often these additional services are a small part of the contract value and do not in themselves justify the creation of resources and skills internally.

Often an MSP can find itself with resource shortages at peak times or needing to fall back on trusted contractors in order to meet demands during the holiday period or new business onboarding projects.

Partnerships and partner services are there to remove the headache from such issues flexibly providing the skills and resources required as and when they are needed.

Our solution

Expertware already provides services to a number of managed services providers and has extensive skills in remote 3rd level support, BI & Analytics, Monitoring and Cyber Security, Cloud services, and application development. Our staff can work remotely or on premise across Europe using an MSP’s own toolset or through utilising Expertware’s own Integrated Operations Centre (IOC), providing additional skills to fill gaps in an MSP portfolio or working as part of the MSP’s own team through resource augmentation in times of high demand.

By partnering with Expertware an MSP can rest assured that they have the skills and resources required to grow their business or extend their portfolio reach. Expertware can work completely behind the scenes as a sub contract partner or we can engage in the bid process and customer onboarding projects to improve win rate and customer retention through additional services and innovation programs.

Typically, a partnership agreement is drawn up that specifies the scope of services and cost model to be used. The MSP then has complete flexibility around when services are call upon paying only for services used based on a pre-defined cost model.

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Expertware Partner Services

Our experience

With over 15 years of experience in the field of IT architecture and managed services, we are confident that we can offer to our customers a team with very strong technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the IT architecture models and solutions in place. Our people will become a trusted part of your team. For each customer, there is a solution architect supervising the activities of the operation team guaranteeing a continuous review and optimization for monitoring and alerts, automated response flows ensure rapid responses but always under the guidance and oversight of our expert technicians. We aim to provide state-of-the-art SIEM services to our customers so that they can continue their business safe in the knowledge that strong protection is in place.

Integrated Solutions

  • Integrated 24*7 operation centre.
  • Analysis of IT architecture design to select the best SIEM solution and processes to meet your business objectives and needs.
  • End to end the collection of monitoring data, events, and alerts.
  • Human and AI analysis of event data.
  • Real-time global threat searches and patch automation.
  • Operational management for KPIs and executive dashboards.

Our added value

  • One-stop-shop for configuration, monitoring, analysis, and event management.
  • Strong competences, certified engineers (SQL Silver Data Platform, T-SQL/SSRS/OLAP, Business Objects, SAP BW, Elastic).
  • Can-do attitude, accepting and completing difficult challenges.
  • Cost efficiency combining near shore with onsite resources and eliminating overlapping roles through our integrated operations centre initiative.

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