Business context

Business Intelligence offers a golden opportunity for companies to leverage the data they already have improving their processes, increasing efficiency and expanding the value and quality of their services and products. Everywhere around us, there are interconnected data elements which when correlated give executive teams additional insight empowering their decisions. Companies big and small gather data from various systems correlate them and generate trends or machine learning forecasts which month after month become more accurate. We can predict now what a user will like to buy, where they want to go, when will we receive a payment or how the prices of our suppliers might vary.

Data transformed in relevant information, correlated across business processes becomes virtual gold and we are here to help you dig it out!

We offer BI & Analytics as fully managed service assembling the set of competences required.

Our experience

With over 15 years of experience in the field of reporting analytics, we are confident that we can offer to our customer e lean team with very strong technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the data managed.

Since 2007 our colleagues manage multiple data warehouses (many TBs for large customers), aggregating data from various business systems (financial, sales & distribution, logistics, service delivery, telephony, and many others. The team grew and enhanced the competencies from managing structured data adding no-SQL data ingestions and correlation (Spark, Hadoop, Elastic).

We offer BI & Analytics as fully managed service assembling the set of competences required.

For each customer, there is a data architect supervising the activities of the operation team guaranteeing a continuous review and optimization for the data structures, flows, and KPI. We aim to providing state-of-the-art BI platforms to our customers so they extract the business value of the daily information available in their systems.

BI Analytics

Our managed Services

Operational management for formatted Reports and distribution

  • Ensure completion for reports generation and publishing (Business Objects, SAP BW, S4HANA, SSRS)
  • Provide assistance to business key users for analyzing, correlating and defining new report templates.
  • Manage reports distribution and publishing (SharePoint, O365, file servers, mail distribution lists, web dashboards).
  • Develop, adapt, extend new reports based on Business Objects Web, SAP BW, SAP BEX, MS SQL SSRS, PowerBI DAX
  • Manage authorization for reporting environment (BO, SAP roles, AD NT-groups)

Operational management for KPIs and executive dashboards

  • Ensure completion for scheduled data loads into PowerBI datasets
  • Ensure completion for PowerBI / Tableau / Kibana dashboards and reports generation.
  • Develop, adapt, extend KPI measures, aggregation, datasets, reports and dashboards (PowerBI, SAP S4HANA, Kibana, Grafana).
  • Maintain authorization for dashboards, data records, data fields, views.

End to end management for Business Objects and SAP BW platforms

  • Technical management Web, BODs, BO Application servers, Central instance, databases, repositories
  • Build, adapt, extend data structures OLAP cubes, BO universes, data marts, ETL/ELT/in-stream jobs.
  • Performance monitoring for the reporting platform.
  • Maintain authorization for reporting platforms: databases, repositories, universes, reports, dashboards.

Operational management for ETL / ELT / Instream data

  • Ensure completion for scheduled ETL\ELT jobs to/from various DWHs (financial, operational. HR, telephony, ITSM)
  • Develop, adapt, extend new data loads (BODS, SSIS) .
  • Ensure completion and remediation for SAP BW/S4HANA data loads (finance, integrated planning, HR, master data).
  • Ensure completion for instream data ingestion and enrichments into data lakes (Hadoop, Hana, Elastic)
  • Data enrichments and enhancements (Hana Text Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Spatial Services, Cognitive services ).

Our added value

  • One-stop-shop for BI & Analytics needs
  • Strong competences, certified engineers (SQL Silver Data Platform, T-SQL/SSRS/OLAP, Business Objects, SAP BW, Elastic).
  • Can-do attitude, accepting and completing difficult challenges.
  • Cost efficiency combining near shore with onsite resources and eliminating overlapping roles.

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