Business context

The business today is demanding extra flexibility and the ability to integrate innovative cloud applications and services. A new set of competencies is required to achieve interoperability without decreasing performance, security standards and confidentiality of data.

The complexity of data centers is higher as we connect today's platforms, applications, services hosted in different "clouds". It is common today that for large companies we have core data centers hosting business-critical applications, DR data centers, private cloud development islands, SaaS applications which must interact continuously with other applications hosted in customer premises. The users connect from different locations and with different devices and they expect to have a consistent experience and performance without lowering the security standards.

Expertware is always looking to innovate combining a multi-cloud strategy with the advantages of AI and RPA.

Expertware enhanced the data center and application competences and it provides cloud / multi-cloud IT optimization services.

We place ourselves as being cloud-agnostic, judging each new project with fresh eyes and deciding the best scenario for each customer.

Public clouds from Microsoft, Amazon, and Google offer competitive alternatives for business divisions where time to market is crucial, where the capacity growth is very high or the life cycle of the solutions cloud-hosted is very short.

Cloud Projects

  • Merges and divestment ( consolidation of multiple O365 tenants)
  • Design cloud IT architecture.
  • Build Development labs PaaS / IaaS in Azure/AWS and integrate them with on-premises IT landscape
  • Design, Implement, manage Cloud Business continuity alternative
  • Consolidate / Optimize aging IT infrastructure
  • Plan, deploy Cloud Virtual Workspaces (Create-Your-Own-Device)
  • Design, use Collaboration platforms (O365, SharePoint, Teams, Project Professional, Dynamics, Google Docs)
  • Design, deploy, manage multi-user Cloud applications with high peak demands

Our added value

  • We do end to end design for networks (integrated, managed, hybrid), security devices (security groups, firewall appliances) ensuring public/private interconnects (SD-WAN, Site-to-Site / Point-to-Site VPN ) are efficient, correctly sized and managed. The process of operating such heterogeneous multi-cloud environments is aligned so we offer consistent managed services offering post-implementation.
  • We extend existing LDAP capabilities to Azure / AWS / SaaS clouds with transparent authentication (pass through, AD sync or deploying new AD sites in the cloud) achieving seamless interaction among applications components hosted in multiple clouds: one premises data centers, Azure cloud, AWS cloud, SaaS clouds.
  • We ensure cloud IT components are monitored, secured(cloud agents, SIEM, HIDS agents) and the wealth of events data leveraged in Azure Sentinel or Elasticsearch SIEM/ML).

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